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Rather than segmenting our services by area of law, we divide our practices by the client’s type of business. This model ensures that our attorneys are specialized and deeply knowledgeable about each client. We train our attorneys so that they understand their client’s business first, using the traditional practices of law as tools to achieve desired results. Using this model, our teams are divided into the following business segments:


Our insurance practice, headed by Mandaliti Advogados, includes the following principal activities:

  - Legal opinions regarding any insurance issue
  - Drafting and revision of insurance policies
  - Structuring and drafting operational agreements
  - Claims assessment
  - Support in managing legal risk
  - Structuring distribution channels
  - Formation of insurers and brokers
  - Due Diligence
  - Advising businesses regarding legal updates in insurance and risk management programs
  - Consulting regarding routine matters
  - Development of new products
  - In-house training

  - Specialized corporate judicial litigation, with a strong focus on reducing the number of outstanding cases involving a client
  - Litigation in administrative proceedings through the preparation and presentation of defenses and arguments before the Superintendent of Insurance of Brazil (SUSEP) and consumer protection authorities (Procon, Decon, etc.)


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