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Rather than segmenting our services by area of law, we divide our practices by the client’s type of business. This model ensures that our attorneys are specialized and deeply knowledgeable about each client. We train our attorneys so that they understand their client’s business first, using the traditional practices of law as tools to achieve desired results. Using this model, our teams are divided into the following business segments:


The retail practice is headed by JBM. The principal characteristics of businesses in this industry are the need for agility in the provision of services and flexibility to the constant changes experienced by the industry.

Our lawyers are specialized in this industry. We practice in areas ranging from small cases involving consumer or civil issues, to massive litigation. We also have a strong presence in employment, defending retail businesses against employee complaints and in administrative proceedings before the Regional Labor Authorities.

We also act preventively by creating contract policies and establishing management procedures together with the client in order to mitigate the occurrence of new lawsuits.

We produce managerial guidelines for risk management and portfolio evolution.

We practice throughout Brazil and possess the size and structure to administer large portfolios by centralizing information and providing uniformity and quality in our work product and procedures.

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